The Innovative
Project Team Award

The application for this Award must be submitted by a Project Management Team (PMT), for a project or a program the applicant team are managing or have completed.

Award Prize $40,000

Innovation areas

  • Project Integration Management
  • Risk and Issue Management
  • Stakeholder, Culture and Change Management
  • Communication Management

Eligibility Conditions

  • Team must be led by a designated Project Leader, Project Manager or Project Director, who oversees the submitted project or program
  • The PMT must consist of a minimum of five team members
  • The submitted projects or programs that are still ongoing must have produced sufficient results to demonstrate the impact of the achieved innovation by the applying PMT
  • Organizations may apply on behalf of a PMT with the understanding that the Award goes to the PMT in charge of the submitted project or program

Application Submission Process

Online application form, including:

  • General Information Form
  • Executive Summary
  • Select and complete a questionnaire for one or more of the Award Innovation Areas


  • Agree to the Award’s General Rules and Conditions
  • Comply with the Award Eligibility Criteria

Required documents:

  • No objection or endorsement letter from the sponsor/client/owner
  • Applicant Curriculum Vitae
  • Evidence for innovation impact on project outcomes


What are the jury looking for

1. Description of the innovation implemented:

  • How novel, disruptive or groundbreaking it is
  • What new tools and techniques were used to achieve that innovation
  • How transferable is the implemented innovation

50% of the score weight

2. Demonstrated result of the implemented innovation and its impact on the project outcomes

50% of the score weight

Instill Innovation Culture in Project Management Practices World-wide
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