Dr. Michael O’Connor

The Innovative Project Manager Award

Award Winner

Project Director

Project Name

EU MDR EPMO (European Union, Medical Device Regulation – Enterprise PMO)


United states of America

Project Details

The winner managed the Implementation of a complex large-scale Enterprise Project/ Project Management Office (EPMO) that spans the entire organization. This is in response to a program called European Medical Device Regulation or MDR and European Diagnostic Device Regulation or IVDR. The program has four business groups and eighteen business units and brought them together under one EPMO umbrella increasing efficiency and productivity while creating one source of truth.

Innovation Description

Establishing project management team and managing it’s meeting and communication by utilizing an innovative war room in which the entire room was painted with Fuze paint (writable walls) and using an internal social media tool to communicate with the rest of the organization. This was an out of the box and innovative approach to communicate the organization and reach out to 84,000 employees in an effective and efficient way.