Projectize Group LLC

Innovative organization in Project Management – First Place

Award Winner

Projectize Group LLC

Project Name

Projectize Group


United States of America (USA)

Project Details

Projectize Group partnered with them to apply our next-generation approaches to organizational project management. Initially we started with one program comprising of 5 projects (Navigator), and 2 separate projects (Volta and Electric-APU), but our innovation had an overall impact on the organization and established the next generation of project management capability with an innovative ‘Strategy-Execution Platform.’ New competition posed survival challenges that were driving innovation and an openness to new approaches. New players were providing more innovative features faster.

Innovation Description

Implementing the DNA of strategy-execution innovation resulted in a number of benefits 78% improvement in business case realization, resulting in direct bottom-line impact of $15 million. Overall there was a 10% faster cycle time from start to delivery compared to the past. The most significant impact was the development of a “strategy- execution platform” using the DNA principles that could be scalable for future projects.