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Innovative organization in Project Management – Third Place

Award Winner

DP World

Project Name

Smart Traffic Management System


United Arab Emirates

Project Details

  • SMART Traffic Management System Program includes projects: – RTIS, RCIS, RSIS, AI Vehicle Booking System, Autonomous Truck (Self-Drive).
  • RTIS, RSIS, RCIS moves tally clerk, Security officer and inspection officer from yard to secure area while Autonomous Truck to convert manual ITV to autonomous ITV and AI Vehicle Booking System to implement AI (Artificial Intelligence) for Vehicle Booking System to deliver and receive the containers considering factors such as Historical Pattern, forecast of vessel arrival / Look ahead mechanism, Customs inspection complex capacity, Traffic movement linking roads to DPW

Innovation Description

  • The multi-methodological approach developed through this research has provided a deeper and more empirically grounded understanding to the process of self-organisation within the context of complex infrastructure projects, by utilising Complexity Theory and combining analytical approaches from Network Science and ‘Power Cube’. Accordingly, this aims to contribute to the development of a theory in the field of Project Networks Management.
  • Particularly, it underlines the need for these networks to be identified and sponsored, allowing them the space and capacity to evolve to design and deliver projects that are both efficient and cost effective.