Maged El-Hawary

Innovative PMO Manager Award

Award Winner

Project Director

Project Name

ASGC Controls & PMO


United Arab Emirates

Project Details

  • ASGC started transforming its operations to accommodate bigger & more complicated projects. More reliable ways and standard processes for projects’ planning were needed which marked the need for project controls function.
  • The function establishment project focused on ensuring alignment of all internal stakeholders on benefits they will realize from the implementation of each functional area (cost, time or risk management and later VDC). Each function had its own phases and stages of implementation, starting with processes mapping, standardization, POCs with measurable success results, educating stakeholders and showcasing benefits to them to secure their contribution in the organization-wide implementation of each functional area.

Innovation Description

ASGC’s innovative tools:

  1. The VDC and Animation: where we create a single comprehensive model consist of 3D model combined with time (construction schedule), cost (project budget) and realistic construction methodology.
  2. Interactive gaming tool: we made the first construction gaming platform where the project stockholders can experience the simulated environment, exploring different iterations and approaches in an immersive way.
  3. Augmented and Virtual Reality tools into construction
  4. Drones progress tracking
  5. The 360 tours progress tracking

ASGC’s innovation in process

  1. Automated Reporting System
  2. ASGC’s Synchronized Project Drawings

ASGC’s innovation in methods. By Moving from the traditional Construction Mockups to the 3D-Printed ones