Dr. Ghadeer Alfandi

Research In Innovative Project Management Practices Award

Award Winner

Dr. Ghadeer Alfandi

Project Name

Investigating Risk Management Capability of Construction Firms in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries


Great Britain

Project Details

  • This research study was aimed at thoroughly investigating RM implementation in this industry toward developing an appropriate framework for improving existing practice. Specifically, this research study has developed a RM framework for enhancing RM implementation practice in construction firms and an informed list of best practice recommendations, all of which aid as a road map for implementing an effective RM system, thereby contributing to the enhancement of practice.
  • Mixed method approach was chosen for the purpose of addressing the research aim and objectives. a pilot study and two questionnaire surveys were designed and distributed to professionals from construction organisations in the GCC countries. Moreover, six case studies from real-life projects were conducted
    • Innovation Description

      • This study has contributed significantly to the existing body of knowledge and literature on RM in general and the GCC region in particular. The research findings, obtained empirically through robust mixed method research approach, offer contributions:
      • This study, to the best of the researcher’s knowledge, is the first study being undertaken in the GCC construction industry on RM implementation.
      • This research investigated and analysed construction organisations and projects in the GCC region, through comprehensive surveys and case studies.