Innovative Project Manager Award – Winner

Award Winner
Amjad Odeh AlShabatat
Project Director
Project Name
Makkah Al Mukarramah Water Reservoir
Project Details

of 110 meters with a capacity of 190,000 m3, inclusive of the supply of all materials, equipment and services required for the project. The project supplies up to 760,000 m3 of drinkable fresh water for the Mashaer area in Makkah (Arafat, Muzdalefa and Mena) and the resident population as well.

Budget: Approximately SAR 300 million (approximately to USD 80 million)

Project Duration: September 2013 – June 2016

Innovation Areas
Cost, Time and Scope Management, Stakeholder, Culture and Change management, Risk and Issue management
Innovation Description
To ensure smooth and seamless change management within such a critical and sensitive project, the project manager adopted a modified version of Lewin’s three-step change plan (unfreeze-change-refreeze) along with a shock-negative/shock-positive approach to the project environment to create a successful change by using a simple software that contained several interfaces, each covering a topic related to project management or technical process, played an important role in convincing stakeholders about the importance of change in a quantitative manner.