The Innovative Project Team Award

Submitted application for this Award must be:

  • Submitted by a designated Project Management Team member, assigned by Project owner or sponsor.
  • Based on a completed Project, or on a completed or ongoing Program.
  • Submitted by the Project Management Team, which must have at least three members.
Award Prize will be granted to applicant Project Management Team.

Application Process

Application process in entirely online, and the application entry and all submitted materials must be in English language.

Online Application form consisting of:

  • General Rules and Conditions, and specific Award Eligibility Criteria.
  • General Information Form.
  • Executive Summary and Screening questions.
  • Main Questionnaire.

Required documents

  • Any document or materials that support the claims of innovations results mentioned in the application.
  • Any other documents requested by award Jury.


  • Thanks for all who participated in the 3rd cycle of the award, the milestones of the 4th cycle will be announced soon