Ministry of Health (KSA)

The Innovative Team Award

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Ministry of Health (KSA)

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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Project Summary

  • As an ePMO, we previously took it upon ourselves to adopt a unique ePMO model customized and tailored specifically to best fit the Ministry of Health. We have successfully managed to build a strong foundation that is capable of ensuring all projects and initiatives are well managed and efficiently tracked by all deputyships and departments of MoH.
  • 3D ePMO ensures the unity of the Ministry of Health as one by simplifying communication and data flow vertically from leaders to deputies to regional directorates through the Operational Plan, as well as focusing on the delivery of project benefits rather than only the completion of projects.
  • 3D ePMO promises the linkage of all 20 regional directorates with the headquarter by diagonally cascading the strategic goals assigned by each deputy to all of these 20 directorates.

Innovation Description

Using the Design Thinking Innovation Methodology, we’ve constructed the idea of 3D-ePMO. 3D-ePMO ensures the unity of MoH and allows process and communication in MoH to work and flow in a 3D motion.

The ministry works in 3 axes:

Y-axis (Strategy to Execution): This vertical communication channel focuses on the Operational Plan, which allows leadership to simply monitor all strategic KPIs identified by each deputyship and regional directorate.

X-axis (Linkage/Joint Forces): This horizontal channel resolves the lack of alignment that exists between deputyships when it comes to project interdependencies. We have introduced the idea of assigning account managers in each deputyship that offers shared services to manage and accelerate execution.

Z-axis (Unification):Here is where the Y-axis lands; as it passes through the x-axis (deputyships), and diagonally cascades onto the regional directorates. Every deputyship assigns and communicates its strategic goals, KPIs and related projects to all 20 directorates in order for execution.